ENSafrica intelligENS now offers clients a powerful bespoke e-discovery solution through RelativityOne

16 May 2022
by Linda Sheehan

ENSafrica’s intelligENS clients looking for a seamless digital way to preserve, collect, identify, analyse and produce data are now able to leverage powerful benefits through ENSafrica’s adoption of the industry-leading e-discovery solution, RelativityOne. We represent the first law firm in Africa to offer this innovative platform.

Through the combination of the specialist expertise of our intelligENS team and the use of RelativityOne, a secure cloud-based end-to-end platform, our clients throughout Africa involved in internal and external investigations, litigation, compliance and enforcement can enjoy an intelligENS service, that is:

  • Scalable: a cloud-based offering provides unlimited scalability, and with the support of ENSafrica’s specialist 600+ practitioners, ENSafrica can handle any matter, regardless of size, jurisdiction and complexity to deliver on all our clients’ business needs across all major industries on the African continent.
  • Cost-effective: we use defensible methodologies with automated processes and advanced AI capabilities to perform the most efficient document reviews on the African continent.
  • Bespoke: our intelligENS team works synergistically with clients to build custom applications and tailored e-discovery playbooks for their internal legal and compliance matters, providing more value to clients by responding to their individual, bespoke needs.
  • Secure: Not all review platforms are created equal and that is why intelligENS has invested in the very best cloud-based review platform, RelativityOne, with its award-winning cyber security team. intelligENS applies user-specific permissions on a strictly “as needed” basis for each piece of information, document and project for our client’s ultimate peace of mind.

“With the addition of RelativityOne, we are positioning ourselves to be leaders in reshaping and transforming the provision of e-discovery services across Africa,” said Linda Sheehan, Head of intelligENS, ENSafrica. “ENSafrica’s intelligENS team looks forward to accelerating its growth across the EMEA region and collaborating with Relativity to provide novel solutions to its clients across Africa.”

For more information on how ENSafrica’s intelligENS team, through RelativityOne, can assist your business with automated and bespoke e-discovery services, please contact:

Linda Sheehan
+27 76 498 7843