ENSafrica | intelligENS is a specialist division of ENSafrica, Africa’s largest law firm.

  1. importing

We collect information from various platforms and different types of storage media or devices, whether the data is at your premises or at remote locations

  1. indexing and inspecting

We filter and catalogue information including deleting irrelevant data, extracting key threads and classifying information to ensure relevant material can be found quickly

  1. interrogating

We analyse information to determine relevant trends, associations and patterns to help you find what you are looking for.

Our products and services that are powered by cutting-edge, digital systems that make use of artificial intelligence, and are deployed in-house, giving you the benefit of time-cost efficiencies.  Whether you need to interrogate information for purposes of due diligence, e-discovery, cyber security, governance, digital forensics, research or otherwise, ENSafrica | intelligENS can ensure you process the data with speed and accuracy.

Our results are underpinned and guaranteed by highly experienced law, digital forensics, e-discovery and risk-management experts.

Contact us when you need to catalogue or analyse large volumes of data and need results quickly.  We are able to support you wherever you wish to do business on the African continent.

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