The Cost of a Cyber Attack

A recent study estimated that cybercrime will cost approximately $6 trillion per year globally through 2021. This is a staggering figure, one which is difficult to even imagine. More concerning than the aggregate number itself, is the individual cost to businesses. The average cost of a breach tallies into the millions for companies, however the dollars lost can’t account for the indirect cost to reputation, which can be irreparable.  IntelligENS cyber security solutions can protect against breaches, and respond quickly when a breach occurs.

Cyber Security Due Diligence – are you POPI secure?

As POPI continues to remain centre stage in your compliance efforts, it is important to consider how a Cyber attack might leave you exposed to POPI violations. An attack from the outside can come through any number of entry-points, while vulnerabilities and breaches can lay dormant or undetected for long periods of time. IntelligENS cyber security solutions can provide the comfort of a vulnerability due diligence, across your entire organisation, to ensure that you are protected from Cyber threats and subsequent POPI concerns.

Data Privacy Laws in Cross-Border Investigations

It is critical that digital evidence is handled in strict accordance to national data privacy laws, becoming particularly challenging in a cross-border setting where multiple jurisdictions apply. For example, in an investigation related to a financial institution, the data can be protected by consumer and banking privacy laws, where each jurisdiction has its own set of data privacy rules. IntelligENS practitioners have significant experience dealing with data privacy regulations around the world, and can advise on the most effective and compliant approaches to handling your digital evidence.

Data Science in Information Retrieval

Years after Judge Andrew Peck, US Magistrate Judge, declared it to be “black letter law” in Rio Tinto Plc v. Vale S.A., 2015 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 24996, 8 (S.D.N.Y. March 2, 2015), technology-assisted review has finally entered the mainstream among a growing suite of technology-driven eDiscovery tools. While these tools can assist practitioners with document review across large data populations, it is important to remember the critical first step of information retrieval. The traditional approaches for information retrieval no longer apply as volumes of documents continue to expand. It is important to understand that the scientific disciplines now marshalled for an effective information retrieval effort (data science, linguistics, and statistics) are essential to the successful conduct of document review. IntelligENS data scientists can assist with this crucial information retrieval task.